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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is Jersey next after Iceland and Ireland?

from: Jo Angela

We have been reading the articles and comments on the Irish Tiger flop, as before we followed the Greek and Icelandic cases, as usual it is a combination of a 'never had it so good ' feeling so lets all go and buy second homes in Romania, and a bunch of corrupt bankers lying their way all along.

 Now, no one wants to pay the price.
The Jersey case seems a little different, because it doesn't seem to be the banks primarily at fault for placing the Island at risk, but it's own government. Equally frightening, Greece, Iceland and Ireland are all helped out by Europe (only because they have to) , but who will want to help a possibly bankrupt little Island with 90,000 population, it certainly won't pose a risk to either Sterling or Euro!

The Island leaders are particularly negligent towards the local population.

I suppose, if it did come to the worse, these, so called leaders, will have a nice sum stashed away in some other tax resort : I'm alright, me!

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  1. Anonymous30/11/10

    Jersey was bailed out in September 2008 when the British government saved its own banks from collapse with tax payer’s money. Had this not occurred then the dominoes would have been tumbling here as well. This is not recognised locally (at least officially).