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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letter to the Editor – Jersey Evening Post

This rally expressed the anger of workers against the governing elite

November 30, 2010 – 3:00 pm
From Nick Le Cornu.

THERE was a time when a critical letter like that from John Boothman (JEP, 27 November) would have sent progressives scattering for cover. The humiliation, the curtailed career prospects, the shame, the ostracism of friends, the averted gaze on King Street, would all have been too much.

Now, such a letter inspires not repentance, but only the sort of sympathy extended to an old war horse pricking up its ears at the sound of the bugle. One last moment of glory before the dream fades.
It is funny how every time trade unionists, progressives and workers stop bickering and get themselves organised as an effective opposition, the aristocrats of wealth start to get worried. Clearly the recent rally at Fort Regent organised by Unite was not such a damp squib as some journalists might have us believe, otherwise the old war horse would not be charging again.
The rally at Fort Regent was no gathering of the poor and oppressed huddling together for warmth and consolation. It was a collective expression of the anger of working people against the governing elite that is pursuing reckless austerity measures that jeopardise living standards and employment.
Shifting the burden of taxation to the poorer half of the population is a measure that will see income and wealth inequality surge. Opposing the cuts in public services and rises in GST is not a craven act of self-interest, but rather an essential defensive strategy for working people and their families against the erosion of living standards.
Jersey is polarising between a comfortable elite and the working population of clerks and workers trying to make ends meet in year three of the crisis. Those trade unionists and members of the public who wish to continue the spirit of the Fort Regent rally should attend the demonstration in the Royal Square, next Saturday, 4 December, at midday and by their presence oppose the government austerity budget.
Yes, John, you are correct. The workers are revolting and they are heading your way.

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