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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From Ted Vibert, J.D.A. , 01 Dec. 2010

The Editor,
Jersey Evening Post,
Five Oaks

Dear Sir,

So the cat is finally out of the bag.  What Senator Ozouf was saying a week ago- that the decision by the EU Council on Business Taxation on Jersey’s zero ten- was only a minor matter- is shown to be a complete nonsense.

The Council found that our zero-ten tax regime, which allows UK or foreign owned companies to trade in Jersey without paying tax, whilst Jersey based companies pay 20%, was “harmful” and non compliant with the EU Code of Conduct on Business Tax

Our advisors in Brussels and in the UK informed us that their inside information was that the Code would be found to be non-complaint in that specific area  They were 100% accurate and we issued a press release to that effect last week-.  This produced a typical response from Senator Ozouf who tried to hide behind financial gobbledegook to cover his embarrassment as well as calling me irresponsible – a typical Senator Ozouf tactic of not dealing with the argument  but belittling his opponent.

A minor matter?  Not according to Guernsey.  Their government has accepted that the Council findings that zero-ten represented harmful taxation” was the unanimous view of the Council”.

They added: “It is understood that whilst the formal assessment has not technically been concluded, the expectation is that the Crown dependencies will be required to  introduce revised corporate tax regimes”

Senator Ozouf says that he has a plan to tackle this “minor issue”.  If it has come from the same people who produced the zero- ten disaster I suggest we don’t bother.  It would be far more sensible to let Guernsey go and put  their case and follow them..  

Even better, they could contact Mr. Richard Murphy of the Tax Justice Network to vet anything the Senator comes up with.  Events have shown that they appear to have a much better handle on all of this than the Senator

Senator Ozouf will apparently be presenting his solution to this “minor matter”in his budget speech.  One thing you can count on.  He will not be apologising to the House for misleading Jersey over this zero-ten issue

Yours sincerely,

Ted Vibert

Jersey Democratic Alliance

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