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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Letter to the Jersey Evening Post

This gravy train is out of control

From John Heys. 

SO now we move from the realms of the absolutely unbelievable to those of the totally ridiculous.

Articles in the JEP of 2 March state that there will be an urgent review of vast amounts of our tax being thrown away on unnecessary positions held by people brought over from the UK on the gravy train. There should be no need for a review, as it should not have occurred in the first place. 

One such is a Mr McLaughlin, donated £216,000 after hasty downsizing from £312,000 with no real explanation from Health Minister Anne Pryke, who compounds the preposterous situation by actually proclaiming that she thinks it is good value. 

Why was his engagement increased from three months to two years? And why has yet another UK survey team been engaged to look into the health system at a snip of only £730,000?

It is reassuring to know that Mr McLaughlin’s money is not a salary, but only a contract for services and our Chief Minister states that the poor chap will not even get sick pay or a pension. How on earth is he expected to survive?

Another revelation regards a Baroness Ford, engaged to head the Jersey Development Company at a measly £40,000 for 24 days attendance, or £608,333 for a full year.

Senator Le Sueur keeps stating that these ridiculous situations are good value for the money, yet it is he who has warned us all that things are tough and we are all to cut back on expenditure, that there must be savings by the States.

Both must not wait until October, but do the decent thing and resign right now before they agree to more damage to this troubled Island of ours. We just cannot afford this continued mismanagement.
Article posted on 5th March, 2011 - 3.00pm

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