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Friday, May 27, 2011

Letter to the Editor of the Jersey Evening Post.

Let’s talk things over in public

May 26, 2011 – 3:00 pm

From Ted Vibert.

JOHN Boothman (JEP, 18 May) is full of accusations but totally unable to back them up with facts. When he wrote his last letter about me and the JDA in November last year, he wrote about me having ‘nihilistic policies’. I challenged him to produce any policy I have ever supported that could be described as ‘nihilistic’ in this way. Silence.  
In his previous letter Mr Boothman also advised me that I should choose my friends more wisely. Such pompous arrogance is hard to understand in this so-called enlightened day and age but political dinosaurs don’t seem to learn any lessons.
He claims that I ‘snuggle up’ to the Tax Justice Network. I am not a ‘snuggler’ but I do sit comfortably at the same table and on the same level with men of intellect who are highly talented, generous (in terms of their time towards helping Jersey) thoughtful and moral.
People like Richard Murphy, John Christensen, Professor Jacques Harel of the Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Rennes, Nicholas Shaxson, author of ‘Treasure Islands – tax havens and the men who stole the world’ and Prem Sikka, Professor of Accounting at Essex University.
When Richard Murphy came to Jersey recently to deliver his ‘ethical banking’ proposal, Mr Boothman and his mates failed to turn up. 
So much to say from the comfort of their bunkers but so little to say face-to-face. Such political cowardice is typical of this group.
In my last letter, I challenged Mr Boothman to stand in the Senatorial elections and let’s see who is ‘equipped for the task’. I repeat that challenge. I also challenged him to publicly debate the issues with me.

He wouldn’t. 
So I now issue him with another challenge to publicly debate with me at the Town Hall the motion: That the finance industry has given Jersey more problems than benefits. 
While I can understand his fear of crossing swords publicly with people of the calibre of Richard Murphy, why would he be afraid of me?

So here’s your chance Mr Boothman to prove that I am ‘ill-equipped for the task of being in the States’. Come and publicly humiliate me with your superior intellect and knowledge. After all, I am just a Jersey bean from Grosnez. Rise to the challenge and defend your industry.  I dare you.


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