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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Letter to the Editor of the Jersey Evening Post
People will vote for vision and verve
9th June 2011
From John Heys
There is so much that I could have written about recently that I am swamped as to which subject to choose and, whilst deciding, I am immediately prompted to reply to Mr. ex Finance guru Boothman's letter attacking our next forward thinking Senator Mr Ted Vibert.
His letter is so full of erroneous assumptions it is ridiculous. For example, he states that the Tax Justice Network ( note the middle word Mr. Boothman, JUSTICE ) is not as he states hell-bent on destroying all offshore finance centres but is engaged in attacking tax evasion which is destroying the infrastructure of many countries. It is estimated that the UK alone is losing in the region of £90 billion a year, and if Mr. Boothman had taken the trouble to attend the lecture given here in Jersey he would have learnt just what the TJN does from the top man himself, Mr. Richard Murphy, and could have asked any questions and gained facts rather than erroneous opinions.
Yes, the finance business is a great asset to our economy, and as our elected leaders have consistently counted our total survival on it pumping in millions of pounds of our taxes to support it, we are now becoming well aware that it is not the golden egg-laying goose that Mr. Boothman would have us believe. For example, where has the £100 million debt come from? Mr. Le Sueur's flash of genius 0/10 move to reduce the finance tax take to only 10% and to make up the loss his next brainwave, the introduction of GST, now at 5%, release the finance industry and hammer the people. But his side-kick Senator Ozouf has stated it should be held at that figure for some time, a statement he has made before has he not, and we all know how hollow that was!
When Mr. Vibert started the JDA, of which I was a member, a manifesto was thrashed out and it was very comprehensive and would have been an absolute boon for Jersey. Unfortunately, due to ill health, Mr. Vibert was unable to see it to fruition - not just the action of tearing down the achievements of others. What a silly statement to make. 
OK. Let's look at other island jurisdictions who are locked into a one-horse race. Just how are they doing? Are they too down 15% on their finance industry?
Full of erroneous criticism of Mr. Vibert but he has not got the guts to have a meeting with him to discuss ideas, stating that he holds no brief for the finance industry. Oh well, where did he work? I think that it is a disgrace to accuse Mr. Vibert of merely orchestrating a publicity stunt as a pre-election campaign, and accusing him of only wanting the £45,000 once in the States. I would suggest that this is bordering on downright libel, linked with all his attempts at character assassination questioning his past life in Australia - words like venom, rabble rousing and bringing Island politics into disrepute! Just where has Mr. Boothman been for the last couple of years? Our States have managed that with no outside help whatsoever.
How dare Mr. Boothman state that the widely-held opinion of him is that he has nothing worthwhile to offer the electorate. Once again he steps well over the mark, and will be proved to be pathetically wrong in October when the people of Jersey finally stand up and say we have had enough of this shambles, go to the polling booths and vote in men like Ted Vibert who have vision and the verve to see it through.

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