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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Letter to the Editor of the Jersey Evening Post 19.9.2001

The long-term future of all Islanders is precisely what motivates us.

Just for the record on the subject of the Zero-Ten Tax Policy. In the final
paragraph of your editorial (Wednesday 14th September) you describe Zero-
Ten's opponents - "few of whom appear to have the Island's best interests
at heart". What nonsense! It is precisely the long-term future of all Islanders
that has motivated many opponents.

Clarity is essential here. Europe was not happy with an unfair system where
local businesses paid tax and other businesses did not. Now this particular
aspect of taxation has been harmonised and so the EU seems happier. What
opponents of the Zero-Ten Tax Policy say is that as a consequence of Zero-Ten
a Goods and Services Tax is being imposed on the Island population to fill the
coffers. The people must pay. Business need not. This is where the unfairness
lies. The EU is not concerned about how this money is raised; internal policy is
not their worry. That is for the States of Jersey to decide.

And what are the long-term interests of Islanders? I would point to the obvious -
a variety of jobs from which to choose, fair pay, fair rents or a house to live in that
doesn't cost the earth, time to relax and laugh, not just putting forward our points
of view but being seriously heard and so participate in the democratic process.
As one Jersey lady once told me - we have free speech but nobody is listening.
Could she be right?

Jean Andersson
Jersey Attac

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