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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Date:-  16/10/2011
Title:-          The Inner Dimension of Politics.

By:- Tony the Prof.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Are You, enjoying ‘ The Party’? 

They say there are no Political Parties, in Jersey - They’re right, there’s only one!

It is sometimes referred to as, ‘The Clique, The Establishment, The Black and
White, The Covert, or most recently, The Invisible Party!’ This secret Party, has
controlled Jersey for over 50 years! Now due to a growing number of people who
are willing to challenge it, It’s in decline! This hidden Party, have tended to do
things in two ways; 1) in secret and 2) for themselves! They are mainly comprised
of frightened and weak willed, wealthy old men and are led by not so old,
ambitious Neo-Liberals! 

In these elections as in the past, they are secretly promoting and helping dozens of
their supporters who are disguised as independent candidates! This underhanded
way of getting their candidates into The States, is hijacking our democracy by

I believe this serves to subvert the new laws that control Political Parties and it
fundamentally undermines the legitimacy of this islands Government! This small,
but powerful group of islanders, also secretly take great delight in uncontested
elections. This coupled with the fact that so many of us don’t bother to vote means
they can get their candidates elected and get away with whatever they want! Most
of their supporters will sacrifice principle for position!

All of this must stop ..............and it must stop............. Right now! 

Its time, if you did not know already, that this party is real and it is time you knew
them, for what they are and what they stand for- A secret group of people who
want control of our island and the £600M annual budget, collected from Your

We must be brave and stand up against them for they are powerful still but we can
take heart in the knowledge that the tide has turned. Their time has been and is
gone. We must forever guard against their return! 

Let us take it upon ourselves, from this day forwards to educate ourselves in
politics and participate in choosing who governs us and how! 

Let us teach our children these things also! If we can find no reason to do this for
our own lives............. Then we surely must find a reason to do so, for our children’s
lives and their children’s too! 

It’s Your Voice - It’s Your Choice - It’s Your Future!.............. Thank You! 

Deputy Paul Le Claire 

 (‘The Greatest trick the Devil ever played on the world was convincing it, that he doesn’t exist.)