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Friday, September 21, 2012

Source data for propositions is “propositions by classes of member.xlsx” for Clothier charts is “lesconnetables – 1999.xls” for all other charts and tables is “lesconnetables3.xls”
1 questions
The 12 Constables, in 2009, were 12 out of 53 members = 22.6%. If you remove Ministers, who I believe do not ask Written Question, or if they do, ask them very very rarely, you have 11 Constables out of 43 non-Minister members = 25.6%
The 12 Constables, from 20th january to the 13th July 2009, asked 1.98% of the Written Questions.
The 12 Constables, from 20th january to the 13th July 2009, asked 2.40% of the Oral questions with notice

I think these figures speak for them selves. I know that I asked questions relating to specific issues which I was concerned about, specific propositions I was bringing, and political goals which I was pursuing. I also asked questions arising from concerns of constituents.
The almost total absence of questions from the Constables does make you wonder if they are concerned with specific issues, need information relevant to propositions they are bringing, have any political goals, or are prompted to find things out as a result of constituents’ concerns!

2 speaking in the States
On 2/3 of States days, from April 28th to 16th July 2009, over half of the 12 Constables did not say one word in the States:

The chart on the previous page shows that as a class of member, the Constables contribute less to debates and question time than other members. Remember that this chart is not about length of speeches but simply about whether members say ANYTHING AT ALL.
Of course there are outliers in each class of member. Thus there are Constables who contribute far more, and others who contribute less, than the average Constable, just as there are deputies who do likewise. This chart gives an overall picture, based on a very large sample – 19 days of sitting.
The chart on the next page gives a diffferent take on the same theme. It shows how many contributions each Constable, Deputy, and Senator make in a sitting, ON AVERAGE. The comment about outliers applies here too, of course.


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